Nissan Terra

Vehicles with zero emissions sounded very futuristic not so long ago. However, things have changed in past several years. We are now very close to see these types of vehicles on the streets, as usual thing. One of models that is a true pioneer in this segment is Nissan Terra, a hydrogen fuel cell SUV, which was shown as a concept car in 2012. It came with many new design solution, which were later adopted. That solution will be used for many future cars, not only from Nissan, but also from other car makers.

Nissan Terra design

Nissan TerraNissan Terra is a concept SUV, which was made not for serial production, but to introduce some new technologies, which will be later applied on other new models of this kind. It was presented in 2012. Besides some hot new technologies, there are also very interesting solutions in terms of styling, interior design etc. Nissan Terra came with unique look. Its appearance is very futuristic. It is a very eye-catching SUV, which is characterized by futuristic design. Concept have things like thick pillars, a sculpted bonnet, small side windows, and very athletic overall look. According to the company’s management, this model is designed to attract primarily younger drivers. Its highlights shouldn’t be just advanced technologies, but also attractive design, both outside and inside.

Terra interior

Just like exterior, cabin of Terra also has that extremely futuristic flavor. First thing that you’ll notice is definitely an interesting combination of wood and metal surfaces. Dashboard features this interesting contrast too. There are also unique seat configuration. Instead of traditional manner, where rear seats are directly behind the front seats. There is an interesting diagonal layout that positions rear passengers over the shoulders of those in front. Rear seats can also fold flat, which provides huge cargo space.

Nissan Terra interiorNissan Terra engine

Nissan Terra features very interesting combination, when it comes to powertrain. Front wheels are powered by the electric propulsion system, which is something that works well in Nissan Leaf. On the other side, rear wheels are powered by an in-wheel electric motor, which is something that we’ve seen on several prototypes of the company. Finally, a hydrogen fuel cell stack is positioned under the hood, and has power density of 2.5kW/L.

Nissan Terra side viewNissan Terra release date

Nissan Terra is just a concept car, so there is no word about serial production. However, many solutions form this concept will be used for some future models. It is expected that first vehicles of this type will come to market when hydrogen became widely available, which could happen in not so far future.

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