Nissan Synaptiq

Nowadays, when every car maker presents its ideas of vehicles of a future, we used to see various concept cars. There are things like hydrogen power, driverless system and many other advanced technologies. However, Japanese manufacturer rise all this on a completely new level. The Nissan Synaptiq was presented in 2014, at the LA Auto Show Design Challenge. Of course, it took the first place. The whole idea of this concept is to make a vehicle which will be completely integrated to the driver’s brain, and completely follow the reactions of its nervous system. Also, it is designed to be extremely versatile. So much that you can drive it on a track or in a rally, if you want. Moreover, you can even fly with this machine.

Nissan Synaptiq design

Nissan Synaptiq“How will cars interact with us in 2029?” This is how Japanese manufacturer started a presentation of Nissan Synaptiq. The whole idea of this concept is to show how cars could look like in about 15 years. Although it sounds very optimistic, maybe even unrealistic, its major importance is to show in which direction development of cars will go in the future.

Nissan Synaptiq exterior

When you look at Nissan Synaptiq from outside, you will see an extremely futuristic design, as it is pretty much expected from these concepts. Although it looks like some kind of an F1 car from the future, it much more than that. This car is designed to be extremely versatile, a true multirole vehicle. In its base shape, it is a race car. However, thanks to its advanced body shells, it could be easily re-configured to a rally car. Finally, next stage is from rally to air. However, even this isn’t the most amazing thing about Nissan Synaptiq.

Nissan Synaptiq interior

The real fun starts inside. This concept features the S.U.I.T. system, which is an acronym for a “Sym-biotic User Interface Technology”. This means that driver’s central nervous system is connected with the overall interface. So, you will control your car with your impulses, which means a reaction in a speed of light. In the cockpit, you will find a 3D hologram display, which shows all information about vehicle’s dynamics and condition, and also driver’s vitals etc.

Nissan Synaptiq rear view

Nissan Synaptiq conclusion

Well, it is hard to believe that we will see something like Nissan Synaptiq on the streets or tracks in so close future. However, importance of this concept is unquestionable for many reasons. It will surely be an inspiration for many future cars, and we hope that these technologies will be achieved as soon as possible.

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