Nissan Sway

Japanese car maker presented a new concept car last year at the Geneva Motor Show. It was named Nissan Sway. New concept was designed to present new design solutions, primarily for the compact and subcompact cars, and primarily for the European market. It is a compact hatchback, which comes with very attractive appearance, combining existing design solutions with new, very futuristic elements. Although its primary objective was to show some new technologies, there are several indicators that Nissan Sway could enter serial production. However, those are just rumors for now, and you should take them with a dose of reserve.

Nissan Sway design

Nissan Sway front viewThis concept comes with very interesting and attractive design. It is definitely one of the best-looking concept made so far, when it is about compact and subcompact cars. Main characteristic of Nissan Sway is it futuristic design. This refers both to exterior and interior. When it is about outside styling, company presented very attractive combination of futuristic elements and elements which are already present on some models of the brand. Along with new futuristic elements, there are signature details which can be seen on new Murano. Those are bold shape, recognizable V-motion grille, sculpted fenders and side skirts, floating roof etc.

Nissan Sway interior

Interior of Nissan Sway is even more exciting. It also features very futuristic look. There are plenty of details, but dashboard that combines blue and white elements is definitely the most interesting. It is also easy that there are no B-pillars, but we doubt that this design solution will be available in any production model in near future. Moreover, if company decide to launch this model, we believe that its styling will be milder.

Nissan Sway interiorNissan Sway engine

There was no mention about drivetrain when Nissan Sway was presented. For now, we can only make some predictions. Since this is a compact car, it is expected that Japanese manufacturer will focus on better efficiency, instead of some large amount of power. We believe that perfect solution is 1.2-liter DIG-T engine, which outputs 113 horses, and also has excellent characteristics when it comes to economy and emissions.

Nissan Sway rear viewNissan Sway production

For now, Nissan Sway is just a concept car. It was designed primarily to show some new technologies, which will be used for the upcoming models. However, we believe that this car could find its place in company’s lineup, somewhere between Micra and Pulsar, and that it could enter serial production in the future.

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5 Responses to Nissan Sway

  1. Amit Ashish dungdung says:

    Rply me when launch

  2. Meriam Boitumelo Mashiane says:

    Hi, can you please give me the price of Nissan sway in South African Rands.

    • nissan says:

      Nissan Sway is just concept for now. Still is uncertain whether to be production version. New Nissan Micra will be based on Sway concept.

  3. Meriam Boitumelo Mashiane says:

    Let me know when you release the price

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