Nissan Sport concept

One of the best-selling sedans from Nissan, Sentra is not achieving results in order with expectations. That could be the trigger for a new platform to step up. Back in 2014, the Nissan Sport concept took the award as the best in its class. Nevertheless, there are few versions of it, and cars in few segments could get the sibling. Well, it is a sedan in the basics. However, fans can expect to see a modern hatchback or even coupe. Nevertheless, the award-winning concept is a 4-door sedan, which can take 5 passengers. It is certain that Nissan will continue to develop this platform, rather than to give a chance and risk with some other model.

Nissan Sport concept

Nissan Sport concept features

The Nissan Sport concept will continue a long tradition. As Sentra, this platform will bring a 4-door, comfortable sedan for 5 travelers. Ground clearance is low, as we can expect from a sports car. Sleek and wide, its appearance is astonishing. Recently, Nissan is using floating roof everywhere it can, and this move is pretty successful. Boomerang headlights and V-motion grille are standard up front. Back of the car is exciting. There, we can see unusual pillars and back door shape. Furthermore, dominating detail on sides is 21-inch alloy wheels. Finally, the superb concept is using a special paint job. The Strad Amber scheme boasts elegance and attractiveness.

Nissan Sport concept dashboard

Nissan Sport concept drivetrain

We could see how the Nissan Sport concept will look like. However, there is time for changes. But, more intriguing details are about the drivetrain. Experts and fans are looking for any serious information, but it is still unknown what will produce power. It can take drivetrain from Sentra since these two are in similar segment and class. So, it is a 1.8-l 4-cylinder unit with an output of 31 mpg and 130 hp. The Sport concept could get a boost on the power end, probably up to 150 hp.

Nissan Sport concept roof

Nissan Sport concept release date

As it is with the engine, no one can say for sure when we will see the Nissan Sport concept as a production model. Well, Sentra can turn around selling results and overall disappointment. Nevertheless, the platform is going to be ready soon, and we doubt that Nissan will wait for too long. Also, there is always room between classes, and a car built on this concept could take place under Sentra’s segment.

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