Nissan Patrol Safari

The off-road segment of Nissan is one of the best in the market. This is not happening at the moment, but the Japanese company has a rich history. One of the most popular and longest serving models is Nissan Patrol Safari. Now, in the fifth generation, it is still attractive thanks to visual appearance and performance. With buyers in the Middle East crazy about it, we are sure it has safe future. However, its safety is not the only one there. Passengers don’t have to worry about all the features this crossover is offering. Also, infotainment and driving systems are modern and durable.

Nissan Patrol Safari

Nissan Patrol Safari engine

The current generation of the Nissan Patrol Safari offers only one drivetrain. The standard version has two petrol units and three diesel engines. Base models use a 4.5-l I-6 powertrain. Another gasoline engine is a 4.8-l also I-6. The Safari model takes this one as its source of power. The diesel engine is not available for this version. A 4.8-l unit is producing 280 hp which is then sent to a 5-speed gearbox. Torque is at 450 Nm or 333 lb-ft. It is up to buyers if they want to take automatic or manual mode. Features that make advantage over the competition is a sub-fuel tank. With extra 40 liters of fuel, the range extends during adventures.

Nissan Patrol Safari interior

Nissan Patrol Safari performance

The Nissan Patrol Safari is a natural-born off-roader. Many reasons are behind this statement. First of all, its name, Safari, is telling a lot. Furthermore, diesel engines produce enough torque for toughest obstacles. Power comes from rear wheels, but the best feeling comes with AWD versions. With it, balance and tractions are much more powerful. Rear differential is tuned to support maximum grip. Manual lock of the front hubs is another impressive feature. With all these systems, Patrol Safari can go over 39° inclines.

Nissan Patrol Safari side

Nissan Patrol Safari appearance

The Nissan Patrol Safari was available for buyers in many countries. However, due to drop in interest, some revisions happened. For example, in 2016 Nissan cut production in Australia and New Zealand. However, fans in South Africa, the Middle East, and some other Asian countries still can get the unit for the best off-road impression. The Patrol is now in 6th generation riding on the new Y62 concept. Safari could also get it soon.

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