Nissan Patrol Pickup

The Nissan Patrol Pickup is a big 4-wheel drive truck. Its popularity raises with every new model, but its major markets are in Australia, South America, and South Africa. Nevertheless, the vehicle is available for European and Asian buyers. Nissan has its luxurious branch Infiniti, which produces a QX56 model for US market. For a while, this truck is using Y61 and Y62 platforms for different versions of the model. Also, Patrol is used by Irish military forces as an official transportation vehicle. This is not by accident since the pickup can tow a lot and go over different types of obstacles.

Nissan Patrol Pickup

Nissan Patrol Pickup drivetrain

Under the hood of the Nissan Patrol Pickup is a tough powertrain. With it, the truck is ready for every kind of weather and terrain conditions. Its muscles will deliver cargo on and off the road. This is thanks to 3.0-l 4-cylinder diesel drivetrain. The unit is capable to deliver 110 kW and 370 Nm of torque. Energy produced in the engine goes through 5-speed manual gearbox. Pulling power comes from close lower gear and longer high gear ratios. With it, Nissan has improvements on fuel economy. Rear differential with electronic locking is going to distribute the same amount of power to rear wheels. This will provide balance and excellent traction.

Nissan Patrol Pickup side

Nissan Patrol Pickup features

The truck has to offer plenty of useful features and equipment. There are tie-down hooks on bedside for safer travel of your cargo. There are enough points for tying down the goods. For climbing in and out of the vehicle, there are bedside steps. Cab protectors will protect both cargo and cab from sliding objects. Furthermore, great features of the Nissan Patrol Pickup are mud flaps and over fenders.

Nissan Patrol Pickup rear

Nissan Patrol Pickup dimensions

The size of the Nissan Patrol Pickup is impressive. From its 5190 mm of length, wheelbase takes 2970 mm. This is enough for 2150 mm long bed, which is also 1800 mm wide. The bed can take up to 2,500 kg of cargo. Furthermore, the height of 1150 mm allows enough room under the truck. Ground clearance is huge, so Patrol Pickup can run off the road without worries to hit rocks and other obstacles. Finally, the vehicle is 1850 mm wide.

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