Nissan NV Cargo

Nissan is developing series of van vehicles which will have a special purpose, for longer trips and carrying cargo on long distance trips. Many clients are in different type of business and are logical to have a convenient vehicle for all those purposes. One of the latest is new Nissan NV Cargo with special features and larger cargo place. Some of the models are not ready yet, but the main new van is coming soon. To be more creative, the company is going to offer several different designs and dimensions and dimensions which will obtain the first concept as compact travel vehicle.

Nissan NV Cargo

Nissan NV Cargo design

Nissan is one of the top companies which is using natural materials in combination with steel and aluminum. To give its shell more stamina, the new overall concept is made from a combination of several materials. Since is going to be more enlarged and spacious this new Nissan NV Cargo will have double enlarged cargo space comparing to earlier models. With two seats and equipped dashboard, the inner design is going to be simplified to the maximum. The exterior is classic with sliding doors on both side and higher roof it is more than a compact for any sorts of productive outside work.

Nissan NV Cargo interior

Nissan NV Cargo engine

There is no certain data about correct numbers of power transmission but is quite similar to the predecessor. Power will come from the 6.4-liter engine which will gain 265 hp and even more if a new upgrade comes by. It is pair with a five-pace automatic transmission. Engine with the V6 base will have an only base model. But, with a new and upgrades and features of V-8 and seven-speed automatic transmission performance is more than intense. With new environmental safety measures, new fuel will be a hybrid combination. This theory will remain to see.

Nissan NV Cargo cabin

Nissan NV Cargo price

Price for new cargo van should be near $26,500. With motor upgrades and other digital specs, the price is going to be higher. The highest price will be over $32,000 which is very expensive for this sort of vehicles. However, our new Nissan NV Cargo is worth every penny.

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