Nissan NP200

The Nissan NP200 is a versatile truck that raises its popularity in South Africa. The pickup is affordable and practical, and buyers know to appreciate that. Nevertheless, the vehicle brings easy controls, handling, and maneuvering. Furthermore, its audio system is now better, and a lot of attention is on safety. Extra features will make you confident and calm. The truck class is there to tow. Numbers that NP200 can deliver are not magnificent, as for Titan or Frontier, but still excellent for its class.

Nissan NP200

Nissan NP200 changes

The look of the Nissan NP200 is aesthetic. So, it is both stylish and functional. Many features will boost versatility, so the truck is good as working machine and commuting vehicle. Comparing to other models in the same segment, this vehicle offers more space in the cabin. That includes storage area with glove box and drink holders. Total space is about 300 liters. The dashboard is modern and easy to use.

Nissan NP200 dashboard

Nissan NP200 safety

The Nissan NP200 is one of the trucks with the most safety features. Among others, we can find 3-point seatbelts and parts that are covered with impact-absorbent materials. The protector roll in the cabin is multifunctional. It is there as a safety feature while boosting overall appearance. Finally, we can introduce the brand new Nissan Safety Shield system. This is the way of thinking from the beginning. Engineers and designers of Nissan vehicles are thinking of safety from the start of development. This idea spreads in three ways. The first – driver has control of all features. Then, equipment helps quick reaction in an unexpected situation and simple handling. Finally, even if it comes to crushes, it should keep passengers safe.

Nissan NP200 Ice

Nissan NP200 engines choice

There are three drivetrains ready to produce energy for Nissan NP200 truck. The base unit is a 1.6-l 4-cylinder. With the fuel-injection system, it can deliver 65 kW and 128 Nm of torque. With consumption of 8 l/100km, it is fuel-friendly too. The second engine is an upgraded version of the first one. With extra valves per cylinder, pickup gains 12 kW and 20 Nm of torque. Its fuel efficiency is slightly better, but nothing significant. Finally, there is a turbo-diesel option for NP200. It is a 1.5-l K9K with the output of 63 kW and 200 Nm.

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