Nissan March

Updates and redesign are the first admiring thing that u can see the new vehicle of Nissan industry. New Nissan March is everything that good car must have: quality, stamina and good performance. With new appearance which is breathtaking and unique at the same time, and it’s no wonder why it is first on a wish list worldwide. Since the last update we had time to explore the details, so we discover many advantages. With the strong engine, hard design and classic inner space, it is sure that this vehicle has good chance to become one of the top selling Nissan products.

Nissan March

Nissan March design

New ascents on the exterior are amazing. There is no better feeling than to see an attractive vehicle which can give you many support and cozy ride. The bold front grille is surrounded by eye catching LED lamps. One of the most representative things on Nissan March are 15-inch alloy wheels, which are giving the special look on the road. LED technology and rare combination of lamps are also infiltrated at front and back parts. The rear spoiler is made of better fuel economy and high – mounted stop lamp is designed for driver safety. Compact interior is giving more space than usual so the all five passengers can enjoy the ride.

Nissan March interior

Nissan March engine

Performance is one of the key things of each car. The Nissan March will have the engine which can support long distance ride along with significant fuel economy. This engine comes with 1.2 liters with 80 hp, and 80 lb ft of torque. The system will have a five-speed manual transmission which is good for this type of engine. Positive mark gives us good acceleration rate, high torque at low RPM. New technology applied as CVT automatic gives the special no sound transmission which is more than a blast.

Nissan March rear

Nissan March rivals

The main rival for this vehicle is Nissan Micra. This vehicle has the same specs as the previous model but yet with no modification towards the engine. This is compact and mid size SUV which is as cozy as its proved. It will be available on USA market but for Europe, it can take a while to come.

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