Nissan Kicks

Two years ago, Japanese car maker presented a concept of new small crossover called Nissan Kicks. This model was presented in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Just like it was case with Juke, this model attracted all of us mainly because of its interesting styling. But when we looked closer, it was clear that this is one good concept car, which has big changes to go into serial production. Few years later, there are reports that this model will be available on the market soon. It looks like Nissan Kicks will be firstly offered in markets like Brazil and India, while offer for global market is still under question.

Nissan Kicks design

Nissan Kicks front viewThis concept came with very interesting design. Nissan Kicks could be a perfect example how small crossovers should like in future. It comes adapted to the Nissan’s newest design language. There are familiar design solutions like V-motion grille, boomerang-like headlights and similar details. There are also plenty of unique details that give that special flavor to this concept. However, production model will unfortunately come without most of these unique details, just it is case with all concept cars that enter serial production. Simply, those unique details make additional production costs, which are not so welcome in these days, when there are plenty of competitors on the market and where affordable price is one of key factors for success.

Nissan Kicks interior

Interior of Nissan Kicks is probably even more interesting than exterior. First thing that you will notice is two-tone color scheme, which is a clear indicator that this model is designed primarily for younger population. Cabin of Kicks is very well equipped, and comes with many interesting features, such as large 7-inch touchscreen, or three-spoke steering wheel, which gives some additional dose of sportiness, along with attractive instrument cluster.

Nissan Kicks rear viewNissan Kicks engine

This concept came without details about engine. There are several possibilities for production model. For example, there is a 1.6 liter turbocharged engine with around 190 horses. Also, for many markets small 1.2 liter unit could be a first choice. Also, there are 1.5 and 1.6 liter diesel units, which will surely be installed if Nissan Kicks comes to European market.

Nissan Kicks production

At this moment, it is pretty much for sure that Nissan Kicks will be offered in Brazil and India. On the other side, we don’t known will it come to North America or Europe. If company decide to offer this small crossover in U.S. it will surely cost under 20.000 dollars.

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