Nissan Invitation concept

The reason why Nissan is one of the leading companies in the automotive industry are innovations coming from the manufacturer. Whenever a spot in some class opens, they take no much time to fill it with a new vehicle. Development is fast, and realization even quicker. All that brings new models almost every year. Now, we are waiting to see the production vehicle from Nissan Invitation concept. This is a 5-door hatchback. We saw it at Geneva car show in 2012. Now, it looks like it is time to see it on the streets. The compact car will offer great fuel economy. However, it is not as powerful as some siblings. Buyers looking for more energy could try with Pulsar.

Nissan Invitation concept

Nissan Invitation concept design

The Nissan Invitation concept is using the super fly platform and the only name says a lot about it. Dynamic styling introduces a lot of innovative features. Its exterior is aerodynamic and efficient. Angular LED headlights are modern nowadays, so it is not strange why Nissan decided to place them on Invitation. The concept will also present new look of the front and rear wings. Not only that these are helping in the improvement of aerodynamics, but also make the car more confident and playful. Finally, there is a glass panel moonroof for additional attractiveness.

Nissan Invitation concept rear

Nissan Invitation concept interior

Not only that exterior is being boosted with moonroof, but it also improves overall impression about the cabin. What is a highlight of this car, is great panoramic glass that puts extra light into the cabin. This compact hatchback is pretty spacious.  The excellent layout is being able to get the 5th door. Clever design provides enough room for legs of passengers on the rear seat. Safety system will get an advanced technology. This is especially surprising for a small car. For example, we will see 360 cameras and Around View Monitor feature on Nissan Invitation concept.

Nissan Invitation concept interior

Nissan Invitation concept performance

Engineers are still not sure what to give to Nissan Invitation concept as a source of power. It will be an engine with small displacement, and probably 3- or 4-cylinder unit. However, few things are sure. First of all, this vehicle will be an excellent solution for urban traffic. Furthermore, fuel consumption is going to be one of the best in the class. Finally, Nissan is working on cutting emissions. This concept will have ultra-low levels here, which will position it better on the market.

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