Nissan IDS

Last year, Japanese manufacturer presented a concept of a new electric vehicle called Nissan IDS. It was presented at the Tokyo Motor Show, while its European premiere was in Geneva. This new concept had shown us plenty of new technologies and design solutions. Besides new battery and similar things, this concept also came with many other amazing things such as driverless technology. Also, it features extremely attractive look, and we hope that some of these styling element will be installed on some future electric vehicles from the brand. Many experts believe that Nissan IDS is also a preview of a next generation of Nissan Leaf, which is expected to come soon.

Nissan IDS design

Nissan IDS front viewAs we already mentioned, Nissan IDS is a concept car, which was created to present some of the latest technology achievements of the Japanese manufacturer. It comes in a five-door hatchback configuration, just it is case with Leaf. When it is about styling, this concept features extremely futuristic appearance, which is characterized by very sharp lines and edges, which provides fantastic feel, especially when it comes to aerodynamics. Although truly fantastic, styling isn’t a major deal of this concept. Nissan IDS is here to show us some of the finest technology achievements in car industry. One of them is new driverless technology, which is expected to be ready for serial production by the 2020.

Nissan IDS interior

This also brought many interesting design solutions inside. For example, when this mode is turned on, steering wheel folds into a dashboard and is replaced by a digital screen. Also, you can turn seats to face each other when this mode is active. Nissan IDS can also park itself, or stop when detect pedestrian. When it is about drivetrain, Nissan didn’t give us much details. We only know that this concept is equipped with a 60kWh battery. If we consider that current Leaf is equipped with 30kWh battery, and has a range of around 85 miles, IDS is at least to times better in this segment. Moreover, some rumors say that total range is over 200 miles.

Nissan IDS interiorNissan IDS production

Well, it is pretty much for sure that Nissan IDS won’t enter serial production, at least in this shape. It was presented primarily to introduce some new technologies, which will be used in future models from Nissan. Some of them will be surely installed already in next-generation Leaf, which is expected to come soon.

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