Nissan Gripz

Japanese manufacturer presented several interesting concept cars in last few years. One of the most recent is called Nissan Gripz. It is a company’s vision of the future crossover, which should come in production in near future. This concept takes inspiration from a legendary 240Z model, which won the iconic Safari Rally, back in 70’s. Also, there are elements inspired by racing bikes. This concept is about to became some kind of a crossover variant of company’s legendary Z series. At this point, it stays just a concept, but serial production sounds very possible, according to the various reports.

Nissan Gripz design

Nissan Gripz front viewThis concept comes with very radical design. When it is about exterior, Nissan Gripz features very aggressive styling. There are many similarities with company’s legendary Datsun 240Z. Most notable parts of could be found at the front. There are attractive boomerang-like headlights, which cut in two ways, one to the hood, while other end is directed to the fenders. There is also a company’s well-known V-motion grille, 240Z-inspired hood etc. From a side, Gripz is even more attractive. There is a very interesting door configuration. On this concept you will find scissor doors at the front, and suicide doors on the rear. When they are opened, you see a strange but attractive combination, which also eliminates need for a B-pillars. There are also very attractive 22-inch wheels with unique design.

Nissan Gripz interior

Interior of Nissan Gripz is very interesting too. There is a 2+2 seat configuration, racing bicycle-inspired graphics etc. Instrument cluster is definitely one of the most interesting parts inside. With its chronograph-inspired design, it completely contrasts to the large touchscreen and other modern features on the dashboard.

Nissan Gripz rear viewNissan Gripz engine

The Nissan Gripz came in hybrid configuration. This concept is designed to provide refined and smooth driving. Because of that, it comes with advanced “Pure Drive e-Power” technologies. It will be consisted of fuel efficient petrol engine, and newest electric motor from Nissan, same that is used in popular Leaf model. Exact specs are unknown, but Nissan Gripz will surely come with fantastic performances and excellent mpg ratings.

Nissan Gripz interiorNissan Gripz production

Although this model is still just a concept, many of us expect to see in in serial production soon. This car was very well accepted in Frankfurt, and we believe that it could become available on the market, just it was case with Juke.

3 Responses to Nissan Gripz


    The Gripz is sweet. Love it!

  2. Murphy "Smurph" Ndlovu says:

    I’m in love with this car already, though I wish they do more on the steering, like adding a bit more accessories, eg. volume control etc.
    BUT as for the whole design, I’m smithens and since it’s not in production yet, it’s gives me time to save up for it. Consider me as one of the first buyers.
    I #Salute Nissan

  3. soumikh says:

    if it make as convertible then it also beat our new eneration market.

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