Nissan Extrem concept

As a company that always want to be in the top, Nissan is working 24-hours a day on new vehicles and platforms. As a result, we can get the info about new conceptual cars and crossovers. Development is on the most popular segments. It is not strange to see experiments on new hybrids of existing classes. One of these is Nissan Extrem concept. At the first sight, this is a futuristic crossover ideal for off-road terrain. But, its purpose and performance will be the best in city ride. Nevertheless, the multifunctional vehicle will cause interest when it comes out as a production model.

Nissan Extrem concept

Nissan Extrem concept design

There are always differences between sketches, concepts, and final products. This crossover is optimistic try to lure younger buyers with interesting styling The highlight is the bright orange paint job. It is hard to believe this scheme is not going to cause interest on the street. However, there is more. The Nissan Extrem concept uses 19-inch wheels with 6 spokes. Turbine design helps in cooling the brakes also. Furthermore, the styling of fenders, panels, and high ground clearance is a unique mix in the industry. The Extrem platform could start a new class of vehicles. Finally, experts are sure that parts and technology will use the latest features and quality parts to impress.

Nissan Extrem concept top

Nissan Extrem concept specs

The lightweight concept put a highlight on the economy. However, Nissan’s fans are always expecting good performance. That is why everyone wonders what to install under the hood of this SUV. The Nissan Extrem concept could carry a 1.6-l drivetrain with four cylinders, turbocharger, and direct injection. Nevertheless, engineers must work a lot to improve these systems to make them more economical. Some leaking information is saying that Extrem will exploit all- and front-wheel drive modes. It is yet to see what else we can see on this crossover. Hybrid, transmission, and mpg rate are still without any clue.

Nissan Extrem concept side

Nissan Extrem concept expectations

With Nissan Extrem concept Japanese carmaker is testing a market. The new breed of the vehicle will definitely cause the interest of the entire industry. However, time will show if it is attractive to buyers. After all, that is the most important result.

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