Nissan Esflow concept

The Nissan Esflow concept is a radical turn in the automotive industry. This electric car will move the borders and ideas of this segment. Fans are waiting for it eagerly. Ever since its premiere at Geneva car show in 2011, we are waiting the moment to see it as a production model. It is attractive, modern sports car. However, it is not the main highlight of this concept. The platform will introduce one of the most fuel-friendly engines that have ever been launched. It will take some details and ideas from Z and GTR vehicles, but Esflow takes them to another level. Powerful, but economical, the platform could be ready very soon for production.

Nissan Esflow concept

Nissan Esflow concept design

The most catchy detail at the first sight is a long hood. This makes Nissan Esflow concept very aggressive. Further, it leads to the sharp windshield. Under the low roof is a compact cabin. Low-profile and big wheels are dominating the side of the concept’s design. Performance tires will be both functional and stylish. A rear-view camera is there instead of mirrors. Interior is luxurious and minimalistic. Blue and gold details boost overall impression. Sports steering wheel and dashboard are also stylish.

Nissan Esflow concept front

Nissan Esflow concept electric idea

We don’t know too much about Nissan Esflow concept. Fans saw it back in 2011, but ever since, we don’t have many details about the vehicle. We are sure that existing models will be there to borrow some ideas. For example, since Esflow is sports platform, it is probably going to take some parts from Z and GTR cars. On the other hand, since it is an electric vehicle, the Leaf is a perfect matrix.

Nissan Esflow concept rear

Nissan Esflow concept specs

The Nissan Esflow concept is completely electric car without emissions. It is not using gasoline as its fuel, but this vehicle still manages to achieve high performance. Its main source of power is an electric battery pack. The Leaf is using the lithium-ion motor, so same is expected from Esflow. The capacity of batteries allows this car to go over 150 miles without a recharge. The plan is to make this model run to 60 mph in not more than 5 seconds. This is thanks to the excellent position of the electric motors, which are under front seats. With this layout, batteries can control both sides of the wheels, making the car stable.

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