Nissan Civilian

We all know the Nissan company of its crossovers, trucks, and luxury sedans. This company is also a leader in compact segments and new hybrids, such as e-NV200. However, in its motherland, the manufacturer is famous in other, not so popular segment. For example, its Nissan Civilian minibus is almost 60 years old. This single-deck bus dates back from 1959 and it is part of public transportation in Japan ever since. There are some alternatives, but Civilian is holding its stand and survives all these years. Thanks to modern innovations, which engineers and designers are using, this model of the minibus is on the streets today.

Nissan Civilian

Nissan Civilian platform

The Nissan Civilian is using a W41 concept, that replaced the old W40 in 1999. Since then, the platform had three big changes. After five years, BCW41 split to ACW41 and DCW41. The last one is still alive. All these three versions had different suspension and wheelbase. However, now there are two trim levels of the minibus. The base version is SWB and it can take 21 passengers. The second is bigger. Total 30 travelers can find a place in LWB model. The minibus also offers different levels of equipment. Total 5 of these is available, and the top one is TX with BOSE audio system, TV projector, and toilet.

Nissan Civilian rear

Nissan Civilian purpose

The Nissan Civilian has many purposes. The main function of the minibus is the transportation of people. However, it is not strange to see it as bloodmobile or motor home. Police and prisons are usually using these for transportation. The Civilian can also be a grand saloon. Finally, with some modifications, it could find its use in libraries and schools. It is worthy of mention that Manuel Noriega, Panamanian dictator, used this minibus for its personal transport. However, this restored bus was full of luxurious features and some custom equipment.

Nissan Civilian front

Nissan Civilian availability and competition

The home of the Nissan Civilian is Japan, and that is the country where this minivan is the most popular. Nevertheless, it is available in other markets, but with less success. This is probably thanks to other companies, having their buses there. For example, Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa and Toyota Coaster are more popular in Central and South America.

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