Nissan Cabstar

The Nissan Cabstar is a commercial vehicle which is a result of cooperation between the Japanese carmaker, Volvo, and Renault. This model also has a pickup truck version. The Cabstar was produced under Datsun badge. For 36 years it is in Nissan family, and it seems like the truck will be there for a long time. Contrary to other pickups, such as Navara or Frontier, this model has its own platform. In some countries, Cabstar will appear as NT400 truck. So far, fans love it because of its high payload. Also, the robust build is an advantage, but it doesn’t help a lot with the hard ride.

Nissan Cabstar

Nissan Cabstar engine

The only drivetrain option for Nissan Cabstar is a 4-cylinder 2.5-l unit. This is a nature-friendly engine with 8% reduces of CO2. Nissan’s Euro 5 powertrain has three versions for this truck. The first one can deliver 120 hp and 250 Nm. Mid-size engine produces 135 hp and 270 Nm of torque, and the most powerful unit crunches 145 horses with 350 Nm. There are two transmissions for these engines. Both are manual, and buyers will pick between 5- and 6-speed. Depending on trim levels and engine, the Cabstar can tow between 3,500 kg and 4,500 kg.

Nissan Cabstar rear

Nissan Cabstar cab configuration

The Nissan Cabstarhas three trims, dropside, tipper, and a box van. Furthermore, there are single and double cab configurations. Longer are WB vans. These are also available as LWB, SWB, and MWB models. With so wide offer, it is hard not to satisfy even the most demanding buyers. With short cabin, there is a lot of room back in the load area. Inside, there is room for three or six persons. All models are in an offer with immobilizer. From other features, there is a keyless entry. Safety is improved with driver airbags and pre-tensioners on seatbelts.

Nissan Cabstar cabin

Nissan Cabstar price

The price of the Nissan Cabstar starts from $22,000. This is base configuration and single cab vehicle. However, higher trims and larger cabs cost higher. Nevertheless, the pickup truck is not going over $28,000. The new generation is not in plans yet. So, more options, more power, and different design shall arrive after 2020 season.

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