Nissan Almera Nismo

Nissan is well famous company and car maker who will do everything to provide good taste and quality ride to each client. Possibilities are numerous but always there is a freedom of choice, especially in new series of Nissan Almera Nismo. This model comes in three different styles many similar specs, although when it comes to a performance. With modern design and technical support, this car is refreshment on market as far is a concern to USA and Indian market. With defined safety measures and renewed overall concept, this car has promising future.

Nissan Almera Nismo

Nissan Almera Nismo design

New Nissan Almera Nismo is more than a car. With elegant appearance and sporty features, this sedan is more likely to be one of the best models in latest series of Nissan vehicles. There is a lot of details touched like multi-reflector headlamps with a black stylish outline, with front bumper with recognizable logo on it. There will also be wing mirror signal lights, with chrome highlight on back. Wheels on both sides are Y-SPOKE15 with new design also well noticed and sporty design. Interior is one of the best parts, there is going to be more space for driver and passengers. Inside is enough storage places for phone charger, plates, charger and other. Much technical support is present especially Google + system in all terms.

Nissan Almera Nismo engine

Nissan Almera Nismo engine

New engine for Nissan Almera Nismo will be some different style. Made of significant firmer material in the newly created metal box with the new mechanism, this performance will be quite shallow and quiet. This engine consists of body kit RM3-600 paired with 16inches alloy wheels with new Conti Max Contact tires. With also series of suspension of RM3000. In open sale this parts you can buy separately or in whole. This engine will run on petrol and maybe some other combos of fuel but this will wait until new tests. One thing is sure that it will be a 1.5liter engine with 185 hp.

Nissan Almera Nismo side

Nissan Almera Nismo price

New Nissan Almera Nismo is going to be available in all markets worldwide, but mainly marker is Southern America and Australia. However, base models will be available also in the USA and Europe. Price should be over $23,000 for the base model with no extra technics. More updated models will be over $25000.

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