Infiniti Vision GT

We used to see excellent cars from Nissan’s luxury division, but Infiniti Vision GT is something completely different. This is a vision of a luxury supercar. However, they didn’t even build this car so far. At this moment, you can see it just on pictures, or eventually drive it on Gran Turismo 6, if you still play video games. Moreover, this idea of a car in not even from Nissan. It is an imagination of Kazunori Yamauchi, professional race car driver and game designer. So, this could be considered more as some kind of proposal for engineers from Nissan and other companies too, to create a supercar in the same manner.

Infiniti Vision GT design

Infiniti Vision GT front viewAs we already mentioned, Infiniti Vision GT is just an idea for now. Despite that fact, we notice some very nice details on it. First of all, it is clear that this is a car from Infiniti. It features familiar front end, which can be seen on models like Q50, for example. Although it is a supercar, which features all those crazy sharp lines and similar things, it is also very well adapted to the brand’s newest design language. Moreover, this isn’t just a fancy-looking car. It features excellent aerodynamics. There are things like under-floor airflow control, front and back diffusers etc. There is also a uniquely shaped rear spoiler which isn’t there just to improve aerodynamics, but also look amazing, and it is completely assimilated to the Vision GT overall design.

Infiniti Vision GT rear viewInfiniti Vision GT engine

The Infiniti Vision GT features a hybrid drivetrain. Under the hood you will find a large and powerful 4.5 liter V8. But there is also one electric motor, which sends power directly to the rear wheels. This combination provides excellent performances. With this electric motor as addition, Infiniti Vision GT has plenty of torque, which is excellent for low speeds. On the other side, large V8 provides extremely high RPMs. It is also worth to mention that weight distribution is 45:55, which promises plenty of fun.

Infiniti Vision GT possible production

Although Infiniti Vision GT could be found only in a video game at this moment, Infiniti says it has a desire to make this concept a reality. When this will happen, we can’t predict at this point.

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