Frontier Diesel Runner

Nissan’s presence on the truck market is strong. There are several models of different sizes, which are available all around the world. Two best-known models are Titan and Frontier. The Frontier is a mid-size pickup, which is also known as Navara on some other markets. It was launched in 1997. For almost two decades of production, we have seen three generations of it. Latest model came recently but some time before, Nissan presented a concept called Frontier Diesel Runner. This version of pickup truck has never entered serial production. It is important because it announced some new design solutions for this popular truck.

Frontier Diesel Runner design

Frontier Diesel RunnerAs we already mentioned, Frontier Diesel Runner is a concept, which was presented two years ago. Although company never had an intention to production this model, it has important role in company’s evolution of trucks. Nissan desperately needed some move which will make this model more competitive to other models in segment, especially Toyota Tacoma, which is an absolute leader. Because of that, company introduced a Frontier Diesel Runner, which has new diesel engine from Cummins.

Frontier Diesel Runner engine

This cooperation between Nissan and Cummins started in 2010. As you probably heard, new generation of Titan, which came last November, came with 5.0 liter diesel engine from Cummins. The Diesel Runner came with smaller 2.8 liter engine. The primary objective of this concept was to preview and next-generation model, which will have diesel engines in offer too. Despite its interesting styling and interior, engine was the main thing about this concept. Nowadays, next generation of Frontier is on its way, and it should come soon. It will most likely came with the same 2.8 liter engine in offer.

Frontier Diesel Runner rear viewFrontier Diesel Runner engine

As we mentioned several times before, this concept is pretty much all about the engine. The Frontier Diesel Runner came with a 2.8 liter diesel engine from Cummins. Exact specs were never announced. This engine for surely has an output of more than 200 horses and 350 pound-feet of torque. This engine also provides much better fuel economy, compared to other engines that were used for this pickup truck. In combined drive, Runner could easily achieve 30 mpg. According to the latest reports, the same engine will be offered for the next generation of Nissan Frontier, which is in final phase in development, and expected to come next year.

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