2019 Nissan Juke

New upcoming model is coming from Nissan company. The Japanese carmaker is decided to make a difference and to give a unique signature to a new vehicle. The new car is 2019 Nissan Juke and it comes as a limited session of the new line. This model is going to have the better equipped engine and redesigned frontal specs. The main market for this unit will be in the USA mainly, and later it will be available worldwide. This mid size crossover has very promising features which will be quite appealing to the younger audience as well.

2019 Nissan Juke

2019 Nissan Juke redesign

The new design of 2019 Nissan Juke is very refreshing. Shell of the vehicle will be lighter, thanks to a unique mixture of materials containing aluminum and steel. A little edgy but not much at the square shape, this model has a very sporty appearance. Japanese design and quality always bringing good results and it means nothing more than positive mark. With chrome accessories and decorations combining with elementary colors, the look is more than a classy. LED technology is present and it has income in all frontal areas. Finally, inner space is bigger and spacious for all five passengers which can handle.

2019 Nissan Juke cabin

2019 Nissan Juke drivetrains

European demanding for engines is every season different. So, Japanese designers and machinists are welcome to pursue the needs of their clients. The new engine for 20019 Nissan Juke will be available in the 1.6-liter primary with 140 hp. Lighter design and modifications on engine box will encourage better transmission and secure driving. Also, the diesel powered engine will be environmentally safe and with significant fuel consumption reduction, it creates a new line up for the process. Otherwise, it is possible to create a new 2.5-liter engine with higher torque but this is just an idea.

2019 Nissan Juke rear

2019 Nissan Juke price

There is not sure data about the final price and release date. Furthermore, we can only confirm the rumor that by the end of the current year we will have the information about ending the production. Base price for first units will be round $21,000. For more updated units and with redesigned engine price will be higher and it will cost near $23,000. Well, this makes 2019 Nissan Juke slightly more expensive than we expect to see 2018 year model.

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