2018 Nissan Terrano

Redesign of any model causes interest. But, when some of the Nissan crossovers is about to bring changes, the concern is higher. They are leaders in the industry, and some models will come only with minor changes, such as X-trail. Contrary to its smaller sibling, the mid-size crossover is bringing numerous changes. The 2018 Nissan Terrano will have a new look of the fascia. Also, sides and rear end will suffer some changes. Finally, a redesign wouldn’t be so interesting if there is no engine tuning. For this edition, the same old lineup will be better performers.

2018 Nissan Terrano

2018 Nissan Terrano redesign

It is not official yet, but there will be many modifications on the 2018 Nissan Terrano. However, the overall appearance is not going to change. Fans will be able to recognize the crossover, although complete front fascia is different. There, buyers will see different grille and headlights. It is enough for a small revisit, but designers are going with modifications of the bumpers and fog lights. Inside, the SUV is getting modernization. New features and systems, will improve infotainment, safety, and control. These are going to be both stylish and functional. Finally, the new Terrano will also introduce some new equipment, but the company is quiet about it.

2018 Nissan Terrano rear

2018 Nissan Terrano drivetrains

Under the hood of the 2018 Nissan Terrano will be the same lineup as for current version. Both diesel and petrol units are there again. Base models are coming with 1.5-l 4-cylinder diesel unit. This engine can deliver the modest power of 100 hp. Slightly more horses produce a 1.6-l also diesel engine. However, 110 hp is not enough. So, there is a petrol drivetrain, but its specifications are unknown for now. We know only that it uses a 2.0-l displacement. All engines are sending power to CVT gearbox. Then, this transmission system distributes it to front wheels. The new Terrano will have another option with all-wheel drive versions.

2018 Nissan Terrano interior

2018 Nissan Terrano price and release date

Base units of the 2018 Nissan Terrano will appear in India at first. Buyers in this Asian country will get their favorite crossover for around 9,45 lakh. Fans across the world will have to wait a bit for other versions whose price will be around $20,000.

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