2018 Nissan Sunny

Japanese car maker decides to make a redesign among older series and launch new models which can be suitable for any occasion. Nissan company and its designer are making new brand sedan 2018 Nissan Sunny which can be changing a lot after the first appearance in 2011. The 2018 Nissan Sunny is similar with a current generation with many upgrades on the both left and right-hand drive markets. The new vehicle will be designed for new generation Micra which can be related to some younger siblings.  Design of new will be similar to its predecessors and it will have low-cost CMF platform.

2018 Nissan Sunny

2018 Nissan Sunny redesign

As we said above, new 2018 Nissan Sunny sedan will have lower cost CMF platform, and it will have some redesign details consider exterior and interior. The exterior is going to be slightly larger with some details on front. The front grille is wider with logo on it. The front bumper redesign brings back basic strings on styling. Sporty overall appearance brings few classic features. Interior uses basic materials and leather moments. Spacious rows between the seats are more likely to be very cozy which is more than enough for a nice ride. The model will be available in several colors. New infotainment system suffers an update, with new features such as Google+ program and navigation.

2018 Nissan Sunny back

2018 Nissan Sunny engine

New engine for 2018 Nissan Sunny will have several possible solutions. It is going to have a petrol engine with 105 hp and 5500 rpm. However, the second option should be the diesel, with 1.5-liter motor, with power output till 110 hp and 253 Nm. Also, according to some details, this engine will likely to have the first option with a 5-speed manual and X-Tronic CVT gearbox options. Finally, its smooth transmission has no strong bumps while turning.

2018 Nissan Sunny interior

2018 Nissan Sunny release date

At this phase, details about releasing date are not familiar. Furthermore, the 2018 Nissan Sunny should appear in salons for the first time in the beginning of next year. By the end of 2018, it will be available worldwide. Nevertheless, the price is unpredictable at this moment.

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