2018 Nissan IDx

For a long time this concept is expected to enter serial production, and according to latest rumors, it will finally come as 2018 Nissan IDx. Although some of us expected to see this new model a little bit earlier, it won’t happen. New model will come probably late next year. To remind you, this is a concept from Japanese manufacturer that was presented about three years ago. It received excellent reaction, and overall impression was that it should become a production model as soon as possible. After three years of waiting, there are finally some serious indications that it could come, most likely as 2018 Nissan IDx. This concept will soon became a production model, according to latest reports. Most likely, it will come as 2018 Nissan IDx. For now exact details are unknown, but we hope that new model won’t be too much different from its concept.

2018 Nissan IDx design

2018 Nissan IDxThis concept came three years ago, and it features plenty of unique characteristics. It is a strange combination of retro and futuristic elements, which looks very well. It is designed to provide exciting and fun drive. Because of that, it comes in very simple configuration. It is a compact car, which comes in RWD configuration. In terms of styling, in combines retro and modern elements, and we hope that 2018 Nissan IDx won’t feature too much compromises. We hope that we will see the same retro shape, which will be filled by many futuristic elements. When it is about interior, we expect to see futuristic but minimalist design, just it was case with a concept.

2018 Nissan IDx rear view2018 Nissan IDx engine

Exact engines for 2018 Nissan IDx are still unknown, but we expect that new model will be available with several units in offer. We will probably see only petrol engines. So, expect company’s familiar 1.8 liter engine, and also a new 1.2 liter unit in offer. The 2018 IDx is also expected to come in Nismo variant. For this occasion, it should borrow the engine from a Nissan Juke, which means that you should expect total output of around 230 horsepower, which will be enough for excellent acceleration and top speed results.

2018 Nissan IDx interior2018 Nissan IDx production

As you known, this model is still in a concept form, but latest reports indicate that production model will finally come soon. Most likely, 2018 Nissan IDx will come late next year.

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