2018 Nissan Elgrand

The 2018 Nissan Elgrand will be one of the most interesting MPVs on the market. Current model shows some innovations and helpful features, which can expect an upgrade on the upcoming vehicle. Some of the modifications will be inside the MPV, but its exterior is also getting refreshments. It is nothing spectacular, but fans will know to appreciate any change. However, the new Elgrand will be functional at first place. Then, the second important thing is fuel economy. This is one of the reasons for the popularity. The new model, with comfort and infotainment system, will definitely be a good choice for all buyers looking for a multi-purpose vehicle.

2018 Nissan Elgrand

2018 Nissan Elgrand engine

As the most of the upcoming vehicles in Nissan lineup, the MPV is going to use a 3.5-l petrol engine as the main source of power. This drivetrain is sending energy through a 5-speed manual transmission. We still don’t know if the automatic gearbox is going to be available for 2018 Nissan Elgrand. However, the power then goes to front wheels. The V-6 unit can deliver around 150 hp and 120 lb-ft of torque. This is not too powerful, but it is good for fuel economy. There is no information about alternatives for this unit, so it is certain we will have only one engine for Elgrand. Nevertheless, designers are preparing different trim levels with various systems and equipment.

2018 Nissan Elgrand engine

2018 Nissan Elgrand styling

The MPV is there to tow and to be a transportation vehicle. However, with a market full of this kind of car, the 2018 Nissan Elgrand must offer something different. First of all, it is exterior appearance. The roof spoiler, in combination with distinctive bumpers, is an excellent choice. Also, there is a stylish interior to impress more than anyone expects. Passengers have room in all three rows. Besides layout, the overall cabin is elegant and comfortable. With numerous features, such as air conditioning and audio system, Elgrand can offer something other MPVs can’t do.

2018 Nissan Elgrand dashboard

2018 Nissan Elgrand price

Ever since its launch in 1997, the luxurious MPV is causing a lot of attention. Nevertheless, being special model raises its cost to $30,000 for base units. Then, higher trims are bringing more features and equipment, making other editions even more expensive.

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