2018 Infiniti Q40

We already wrote about this model some time ago. Although it was expected to come as 2017 year model, it is now pretty much for sure that we won’t see it before next year. In best case, new generation of this luxury sedan will come as 2018 Infiniti Q40. Interesting fact about this model is that this is the one of the shortest-living models in recent history. Company released model called G37 many years ago. We saw many variants of it. Latest model came in 2007 and it was renamed to Q40 in 2014, according to the brand’s new naming policy. However, company discontinued this model already next year. Nowadays, there is a model called Q50, which took place of Q40. So it is hard to predict how new 2018 Infiniti Q40 will look like.

2018 Infiniti Q40 redesign

2018 Infiniti Q40 front viewWell, it is hard to predict how 2018 Infiniti Q40 will look like. It is even hard to tell will it even come. At this moment, it is hard to find anything but rumors on the internet. So, we will just make some predictions about possible ways where new 2018 Q40 could go. Since there is a new Q50, which is close to the old Q40 when it comes to dimensions and base design characteristics, it is possible that new model will come in quite different manner. Some believe that this could be some kind of coupe or convertible version of Q30. This is quite possible. On the other side, some believe that new 2018 Infiniti Q40 will still find its place between Q30 and Q50. We think that chances for this are very small. Finally, many believe that this model won’t even come, which is also quite possible.

2018 Infiniti Q40 rear view2018 Infiniti Q40 engines

If 2018 Infiniti Q40 come, we are pretty sure that base model will use company’s familiar 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine, which is good for about 210 horses. Also, we expect some V6 variant as optional. Finally, this model could also come to Europe. This means that some diesel variant is also possible. Expect both manual and automatic transmission in offer.

2018 Infiniti Q402018 Infiniti Q40 production

As we already mentioned, those are just rumors about new model. For now, you should be reserved about new 2018 Infiniti Q40.

2 Responses to 2018 Infiniti Q40

  1. Gregory says:

    Certainly the Q50 and Q60 should be optioned with power folding mirrors, power trunk operation,60/40 split folding rear seats, and rear seat passenger interior lights/reading lights; or I will consider a already optioned Mercedes-Benz C sedan or C coupe.

  2. Gregory says:

    Also the run flat Dunlop 19″ DSST 5000 A/S, are not good in the snow and/or ice, wear fast and always have a wobbly feel/sound when driving. Infiniti-Nissan do know about these 19″ Dunlop run flat tires but are under contract with Dunlop. Goodyear tire company since 2015 have merge with Dunlop tire company and have taking corporate ownership under Goodyear.

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