2017 Nissan Z

According to the latest reports, next generation of company’s iconic Z series is expected to come next year. At this moment, we still don’t know its exact name, so we will call in simply 2017 Nissan Z. This will be the next version of Nissan’s legendary sport coupes and convertibles. Original model of these series was launched way back in 1969. During all these years, we saw many modifications. Total seven generation were launched so far. Current model is in production since 2008. It is expected to be replaced soon, probably already next year. The 2017 Nissan Z will come with plenty of changes and novelties.

2017 Nissan Z redesign

2017 Nissan ZThe 2017 Nissan Z will come completely redesigned. We will see plenty of changes and new things on next generation of this popular sports car. One of the most interesting things about new model is that it will be a little bit smaller, according to some reports. Besides changes in dimensions, we will also see a significant weight reduction, thanks to the massive use of lightweight materials. This will surely make a huge impact on cars overall performances. When it is about styling, new Nissan Z will continue in the same way as current model. We won’t see some radical changes when it comes to base shape. On the other side, expect to see plenty of new styling solutions, such as new lighting, front fascia, sharper lines, better aerodynamics etc.

2017 Nissan Z interior

Exact details about interior are still unknown, but we can predict that new Nissan Z will come with significantly improved styling of the cabin, and also with plenty of new or improved technologies. Also, expect a whole bunch of “Z” badges all around the cabin.

2017 Nissan Z rear2017 Nissan Z engine

According to the latest reports, 2017 Nissan Z will be offered with different engines, depending on marker. For example, North American model will surely come with some V6 engine, with around 350 horsepower, according to some reports. On the other side, European mode will definitely come with 2.0 liters. This engine will come with a turbocharger, and should easily push over 300 horses, which will probably be enough for a 0-60 sprint in less than six seconds.

2017 Nissan Z release date, price and competition

New 2017 Nissan Z is expected to come somewhere next year. Starting price is expected to be around 40.000 dollars, while main rival will be Audi TT.

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