2017 Nissan Patrol Y61

The Patrol Y61 has a legendary status. This crossover is a great option if you love off-road adventures. Now, all fans will see a new model. It is 2017 Nissan Patrol Y61. With Y62, this is an SUV that delivers the strongest impression of the 4-wheel drive. The advantage of Y61 is great value of additional equipment and superb off-road ability. However, its overall performance is not so luster. Furthermore, safety receives only three out of five stars. Sadly, designers haven’t paid too much attention to updating technology and features. The conclusion is that this SUV will be interesting to old-school drivers, while it is hard to believe it can attract interest from younger buyers.

2017 Nissan Patrol Y61

2017 Nissan Patrol Y61 release and price

Although there were rumors telling that production of the Y61 was cut in Australia, recent info says differently. The new model could be out very soon, with some changes. It will keep most of its characteristics. With it, experts think that price of the 2017 Nissan Patrol Y61 will be around $58,000. However, models with more equipment and the different driving system will go over $60,000.

2017 Nissan Patrol Y61 interior

2017 Nissan Patrol Y61 drivetrain

The 2017 Nissan Patrol Y61 fills the spot in full-size crossover segment with a price under $100,000. However, it uses 3.0-l 4-cylinder engine. Some could say it is too small for this kind of SUV. But, this turbo-diesel powertrain can gain 118 kW, or 160 horses, which is a fair deal. On the other hand, torque is at 380 Nm thanks to diesel fuel. The amount is enough to solve any off-road challenge. Base transmission is going to be a 5-speed manual. Also, there is a 4-speed automatic gearbox on higher trims. The Patrol Y61 is not going to be a too much fuel-friendly vehicle, with consumption of 11 liters of 100 km.

2017 Nissan Patrol Y61 grille

2017 Nissan Patrol Y61 design

This legendary SUV keeps the traditional boxy look. When it appears, it seems like a minibus. Nevertheless, the last redesign modernized it, but there could be a lot more work on its appearance. The full-size crossover will introduce some new features, but fans would be happy to see more. The safety system could be much better. With only three-stars rating from ANCAP, we can definitely say this is not a top notch in this class.

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