2017 Nissan Lannia

China is definitely one of the fastest-growing markets in world. Nowadays, all of major car makers are present in this country. Opposite the global trend, where there is no place for models designed specifically market, in China there are plenty of new models that are designed for especially for this market. One of these models will be 2017 Nissan Lannia, which comes by the end of year. This is an all-new model from Nissan, which was presented about a year ago. It was designed primarily for younger drivers. So, it is characterized by modern and attractive look, plenty of equipment, good fuel economy, low costs of maintenance and many others.

2017 Nissan Lannia redesign

2017 Nissan Lannia front viewAs we already mentioned, this is an all-new model. It was created especially for Chinese market, in order to meet demands of Chinese drivers. The 2017 Nissan Lannia is designed as 4-door sedan. It is compact in size, but still features very spacious and comfortable cabin, so it could be called a true family car. One of its main trumps is exterior design. This sedan features very attractive look. Its styling is heavily inspired by Maxima. However, this model is quiet smaller, so it could be considered as Maxima in a size of Sentra. All of the latest design solutions are here. The 2017 Nissan Lannia is characterized sharp lines, LED lighting, and overall shaper that comes in a very aerodynamic stance.

2017 Nissan Lannia interior

When it is about interior, it is very spacious, if we consider car’s dimensions. It also features hi-quality materials, and plenty of features that are Nissan’s latest technology achievements. These hi-tech features are both about safety and entertainment.

2017 Nissan Lannia interior2017 Nissan Lannia engine

Exact engine, or engines, for 2017 Nissan Lannia are still unknown. There are several options on the table. For example, there are modern four-cylinder engines with displacement of 1.5 and 1.6 liters. Also, there is a company’s well-known and proven 1.8 liter engine, which is also seen as good choice. All in all, we expected to see 2017 Lannia with more than one engine in offer, with a power range somewhere between 100 and 130 horses, roughly. We expect that transmission will be CVT, but manual gearbox is also possible option.

2017 Nissan Lannia rear view2017 Nissan Lannia release date

According to the latest reports, 2017 Nissan Lannia is expected to come late this year. More precise information about launch date and price will be known soon.

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