2017 Nissan Kicks

Nissan company is the leader in many segments of car making. Among others, their vehicles were very popular are Sentra and Micra. This manufacturer also can be proud of its crossover class. There, we can find Pathfinder and Qashqai as the most known products. This is about to change with new SUV. According to early information, the 2017 Nissan Kicks can spoil the supremacy of these two. The concept was presented in 2014. Ever since fans are waiting for a production car. However, they are not disappointed. The new crossover is already making some buyers try the new vehicle.

2017 Nissan Kicks

2017 Nissan Kicks concept

The 2017 Nissan Kicks fills the spot in the compact class. It is not so easy to combine everything, so company decides to use platform for good fuel economy. Nevertheless, this concept introduces many new features. Innovations are making Kicks SUV modern and appealing. Mostly interior holds the highlights. For example, there is futuristic infotainment system. Outside, we will see visor on the floating roof. Although small, all passengers have enough space. Designers are working every day in improving comfort, and the result is visible on 2017 Kicks. According to some polls, this is best in the class model for back passenger space.

2017 Nissan Kicks interior

2017 Nissan Kicks drivetrain

By using a 1.6-l four-cylinder drivetrain, 2017 Nissan Kicks can deliver 190 horsepower. How can this small engine provide so much energy? Simple – there is a turbocharger. So, it is not surprising that this unit offers more horsepower than the bigger alternative. The 2.5-l drivetrains, which is also a source of power for Rogue, can make just 170 horses. There are also some other options. For example, a 1.6-l unit can come without a turbocharger. Furthermore, the smaller 1.2-l engine can give the least power, but the best fuel economy. Finally, there is a 1.5-l as an underdog for Kicks, but some trim could use this engine.

2017 Nissan Kicks rear

2017 Nissan Kicks price and competition

Base models of 2017 Nissan Kicks will carry $17,000 price tag. Higher end versions will go over $20,000, and probably not further than $22,000. With these prices, compact crossover will be able to compete with rivals. At first place, there are Honda HR-V and Mazda CX-3.

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