2017 Nissan IDx

According to some reports, this concept will finally enter serial production, as 2017 Nissan IDx. You probably know that this is a concept car that was presented few years ago. It has its presentation in 2013, and its reception was fantastic. It was praised both by experts and crowd. For example, Jay Leno drove this car, and its impression was fantastic. He said that Nissan should turn this model into a production car quickly. However, we still wait for this. According to the latest reports, it could come late this, or early next year, as 2017 Nissan IDx.

2017 Nissan IDx specs

2017 Nissan IDx front viewThe 2017 Nissan IDx will come as completely new model, and it is expected to be hugely influenced by concept that was shown few years ago. It will be a compact car, with RWD configuration, which will have characteristics of some older cars, when it comes to driving. This model is supposed to be powerful, but yet simple to drive. It is primarily designed to attract younger drivers.

2017 Nissan IDx design

When it is about styling, you can see that there is an influence of different times. The 2017 Nissan IDx will come with a styling, which features many retro elements. For example, it will feature a base shape, which remind on cars that were produced several decades ago. However, all this will be packed into one very futuristic design language, which will provide unique styling. This will surely attract many of potential drivers, especially if we consider that 2017 IDx should feature very approachable price. When it is about interior, we expect that production model will use, at least, some of the elements from a concept. In any case, expect to see a cabin which will look futuristic, but also with a minimalist design.

2017 Nissan IDx rear view2017 Nissan IDx engine

The 2017 Nissan IDx is expected to come with several engines in offer. Exact details are still unknown, but we expect to see a whole palette of Nissan’s petrol units. We will probably see engines with displacement from 1.2 to 1.8 liters. Even a performance version is expected. The 2017 IDx Nismo will probably use the same engine like Juke Nismo. This version should have around 230 horses, and provide 0-60 time in about 7 seconds, and top speed around 130 mph.

2017 Nissan IDx release date and price

Although all these are just rumors, there is a big possibility to see 2017 Nissan IDx already late this year, or in early 2017. Details about price will be known in the future.

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