2017 Nissan Cima

Japanese carmaker decides to make a new size of luxury sedan 2017 Nissan Cima to create something different. With no radically visible changes, this model is slightly different than previous one. Production of the vehicle lasts for almost three decades and gives us many series. However, every generation grows better and now we have updates on the model, which will bring new positive marks and eye catching features. The last big update was in 2012, and now all fans will be happy to hear that new sedan is on the way. This is not the only surprise since the biggest addition is hybrid powertrain.

2017 Nissan Cima

2017 Nissan Cima redesign

The new update gives a lot of novelties and better specs than its predecessor. However, there is no eye catching details for the exterior, since the appearance is quite similar to the previous model. Interior is getting improvements. With leather materials and bigger space, this sedan 2017 Nissan Cima is more than a luxury. This is the best way to show the real fans quality and prosper to all series of Nissan vehicles. With new LED tech, all lighting system comes as improved spec which is more than need. With new infotainment system and installed navigation are secure for a better ride.

2017 Nissan Cima interior

2017 Nissan Cima engine

The engine is improved and it has better specs. With redesigned inner box and stronger materials, this motor is designed as a hybrid. With 3.5-liter base drivetrain and 305 hp, it is pretty strong. According to some tests, this large sedan will have 7-speed transmission. As support, there is an electric motor. This battery is going to add some amount of power, probably not more than 60 horses. There is also an alternative for different markets. For example, we can see a V-8 powertrain in the US. This is not strange since buyers there always want more energy in their vehicles. That is why 2017 Nissan Cima could be so successful there.

2017 Nissan Cima back

2017 Nissan Cima price

There is no exact information about the cost of the 2017 Nissan Cima. Opinions of experts go from $60,000 to $75,000 for base models. It is a luxurious hybrid, but it is hard to believe Nissan will come out with so high price. However, we will know more as we are getting closer to the end of this year, and more expectable premiere. With its features and look, this car will be able to compete with Infiniti Q50.

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