2017 Infiniti Q40

Several reports that appeared recently say that Nissan could revive this nameplate as 2017 Infiniti Q40, after short brake. As you probably know, this model was discontinued last year. Interesting thing about this models is that this nameplate was used for a very short time. Basically, this was a G37 sedan model, which was renamed to Q40 in 2014. Already next year, company discontinued it, and released its successor Q50. Currently, there are Q30 and Q50 models. So, it will be interesting where will this model took the place in Infiniti’s lineup. According to these rumors, there are several possibilities. As we already mentioned, there are rumors about this nameplate. According to them, company will revive this name after shorter brake. However, it all indicates that 2017 Infiniti Q40 won’t be the exact type of car as previous model. We don’t know is it right to even call this redesign.

2017 Infiniti Q40 specs

2017 Infiniti Q40 front viewAs you probably know, company released new model called Q50, which took the place which was earlier reserved for Q40. Because of that, there are few different predictions about 2017 Infiniti Q40. According to some reports, this nameplate will be reserved for a model which will be based on new Q30 model, and which will come in some specific body styles like coupe or convertible. On the other side, there are predictions that new 2017 Infiniti Q40 will be a completely new model. It will stand between Q30 and Q50 in Infiniti’s lineup. However, we don’t believe that this could happen, simply because these two models are already close enough when it comes to size and class. We are close to the third possibility, where 2017 Q40 won’t even come.

2017 Infiniti Q40 side view2017 Infiniti Q40 engine

If company decide to launch new 2017 Infiniti Q40, we believe that it will feature a 2.0 liter engine that is used both for Q30 and Q50 for sure. This engine will be tuned to about 210 horses. There is also a possibility to see some V6 engine, but new 3.0 liter unit with 400 horses sounds a bit too much for this model. Some diesel option is also possible. When it is about transmission, expect both manual and automatic variants.

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