2016 Nissan Lannia

The 2016 Nissan Lannia is something completely new from Japanese car maker. Just like all major companies in car industry, Nissan also wants to find its place in fast-growing Chinese market. All companies introduce new models, which are mostly designed for global markets. Chinese market is an exception. There are plenty of models that are designed specifically to meet demands of Chinese drivers. Nissan is not and exception. Just like other manufacturers, it also offers several Chinese-market models.

2016 Nissan Lannia specs

One of those is 2016 Nissan Lannia, which is a completely new model, which has its premiere some time ago. It is a compact sedan, which is designed as family car. It comes with plenty of excellent characteristics. Some of them are attractive design, elegant and well-equipped interior, modern engines, good economy and also very attractive price and low costs of maintenance.

2016 Nissan Lannia2016 Nissan Lannia design

As we already mentioned, this is an all-new model, which comes designed specifically for the Chinese market. It is a family car, a compact 4-door sedan. As we already mentioned, it comes with excellent characteristics in many aspects. One of them is exterior design. The 2016 Nissan Lannia features very attractive look. It comes based on the company’s latest design language. Most of the details are borrowed from company’s popular and praised Maxima sedan. Since Maxima is quite larger, this model could be considered as some kind of a Maxima with a size of Sentra, which is also an excellent model from Nissan.2016 Nissan Lannia interior The 2016 Nissan Lannia features recognizable grille, C-pillar, taillights and other styling details, already seen on Maxima.The interior is also pretty much inspired by the same large sedan. Steering wheel is the same, while dashboard is a little bit modified to suit more to Chinese drivers.

2016 Lannia engine

When it is about powertrain, exact details are still unknown. Company didn’t announced exact engines for new model yet, but we expect to see several small units in offer, such as 1.5 and 1.6 liter engines, and also unit with displacement of 1.8 liters. All in all, expect a power choice in a range between 100 and 130 horses, roughly. Since this is a model designed primarily for younger drivers, some more powerful variant is also possible. The 2016 Nissan Lannia is expected to come both with manual transmission and CVT in offer.

2016 Nissan Lannia front view

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